Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's new?

My goal is to update the blog once a month and to shoot for the beginning of the month. Well it's mid-February and I'm finally getting to it. Amaya has been home for 8 weeks now and yesterday was her 23rd month birthday! Only one more month and we'll have a 2 year old, crazy! We have had lots of exciting things happen since January. First, Logan started walking! At the beginning of January he began taking a few steps, and then would fall down and crawl. A couple weeks later he began taking 8-10 steps before falling down and after a couple days of that, he's been walking every since. He is much happier now that he can walk and he and Amaya are definitely playing more together as now he can keep up to her. Second, we found out January 19 that Logan and Amaya will have a baby girl cousin! Ryan's sister, Nikki, is expecting a little girl the beginning of June and we are so excited for them! Last, we have been potty training Amaya off and on since mid-January. We started up again about a week ago and she is really making progress. She's telling us when she needs to go (about 1/2 the time) and we've even moved her to the regular toilet. We're taking it slow and not pushing her but it would be great to have her out of diapers by the beginning of the summer!
A week from tomorrow we are leaving for a week-long trip to Florida! Ryan has a business trip in Orlando, and the kids and I decided to tag along. Our plan is to drive through the night Friday night into Saturday morning. On Sunday we are going to take the kids to Animal Kingdom. Amaya has been learning a lot of animal names and sounds so I'm excited to see her reaction to the animals. The rest of the week we plan on hanging out by the pool and going to the beach. We can't wait to get outside and soak up the sun, it's definitely been a long winter. I'll be sure to post pictures when we get back. I've posted a couple of new pictures below, but I find it very hard to take pictures of two toddlers who never sit still!

Logan walking around and getting into everything!

Amaya and Brady playing on the couch

The Stump, Mason, and Foust clan...we've grown a lot in just 2 years. :)

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