Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Here are some updated pics of our little ones. Amaya is continuing to learn more and more English which is very helpful in decreasing the amount of tantrums. She took a trip with just Ryan for about an hour out of the house a couple of days ago and did great! She definitely likes to get out of the house! (I guess who doesn't in the these awful winter months.) We are learning that she is quite the social butterfly. We took her to church for the first time this morning and she LOVED the attention. She smiled and waved to all the people that came up to meet her.

Logan is learning to share mommy and daddy much better and I think he is finally enjoying having a playmate. He isn't quite walking yet but can stand alone for 15-20 seconds. Every once in a while he'll take a step or two but then chicken out and crawl the rest of the way. He definitely has a lot of motivation to walk since he sees his big sister running around and getting to places much faster than him. He's also starting to talk more and I think it's mainly from imitating his sister. We are excited to see how our little ones are going to grow and change over this next new year! Enjoy the pics!

My sister bought them this ball pit for Christmas and they love it!

Our family of four on Christmas day!

Hanging out with our friend Jackson on New Year's Eve!

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