Thursday, July 8, 2010

1st Trip of the Summer

We just returned from a ten day trip out to Pennsylvania. It was a work trip for Ryan but we also saw some family and friends of Ryan's because he grew up there. Logan was not too happy about the long car ride. If he wasn't sleeping he was awake and crying, so we had to make a few extra stops to let him have some time out of the car seat. We did have a couple of rough nights of sleep (which were most likely from Logan being sick) but overall, he adjusted well to napping and sleeping in his pack n' play and he really enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people. A week from today we leave for out 2nd trip of the summer to Seattle, which is one of our favorite places to go. This will be Logan's first airplane ride, so hopefully he won't be the screaming baby that everyone is annoyed by. We are also curious to see how he adjusts to the 3 hour time difference. Hopefully we won't have too many days of waking up at 4 AM. Here are some pics from Pennsylvania:

These first two pictures are of Logan with a little boy named Jackson. Jackson is the son of one of Ryan's good friends growing up. Jackson is just 10 days older than Logan. They were very cute together!

Logan meeting his Great-Grandma Foust for the first time.

Logan with Great-Grandma Aughton.

And finally, we couldn't stop through State College without Logan meeting Joe Paterno. :)